Where to Begin???

In Fall 2014, I asked Erin Hurley of McGill University and Patrick Leroux to send me a list of 30 plays by Montréal playwrights that would be represent their city and the theme of the ATHE conference. What they sent me was a list of almost 40 plays and I’m sure there’s some good ones that have been left off the list. I don’t know if they are all available in English or not, but here’s what I’m working from as this project begins. I’m in the process of tracking these plays down, thanks to Brian Drader, the Director of Playwriting at the National Theatre School of Canada and Simon Barry, Head Librarian of the National Theatre School. Everyone has been quick to respond to inquiries and I’m extremely grateful for these resources. Posts will start appearing in May 2015.

Prior to that, I had reached out to the Canadian Association for Theatre Research. After explaining to CATR what my goals were for this project, they directed me to Erin and Patrick. Many thanks to Erin & Patrick for all their help and guidance. As educators, hopefully this is a page you can bookmark as a resource for a listing of Montréal plays to share with your students. The list is currently in chronological order and I’ll make updates to the page as I work through this list with more information.

—HH, dramaturg

  • Gélinas, Gratien. Tit-Coq (1948)
  • Gauvreau, Claude. The Charge of the Expormidable Moose (1956)
  • Loranger, Françoise. Five More Minutes  (1966)
  • Loranger, Françoise. Playing Double (1967)
  • Tremblay, Michel. Les belles-soeurs (1968)
  • Garneau, Michel – Macbeth (a “translation-adaptation” of Shakespeare’s Macbeth). You could just read the MacDuff scene. (1978)
  • Fennario, David. Balconville (1980)
  • Tremblay, Michel. Remember Me (1981)
  • Bouchard, Michel-Marc. Lilies. (1985)
  • Laberge, Marie.  Before the War, down at L’Anse à Gilles (1986)
  • Chaurette, Normand. Fragments of a Farewell Letter Read by Geologists (1989)
  • Pelletier, Pol. Joy (1990)
  • Jovette Marchessault The Magnificent Voyage of Emily Carr (1990)
  • Fréchette, Carole. The Four Lives of Marie (1991)
  • Legault, Anne. A Winter’s Tale 70 (1991)
  • Tremblay, Larry – The Dragonfly of Chicoutimi (1993)
  • Ouellette, Michel – Frenchtown  (1993)
  • Lepage, Robert – Seven Streams of the River Ota (1994)
  • Archambault, François – Fast Lane  (1995)
  • Danis, Daniel – Song of the Say-Sayer (1996; 2003)
  • Fennario, David. Banana Boots (1998)
  • Parenteau-Lebeuf, Dominique. The Feminist’s Daughter. (1998/2006)
  • Gale, Lorena – Angélique (1999)
  • Fréchette, Carole. Elisa’s Skin (2000)
  • Brassard, Marie – Jimmy (2001)
  • Rideout, George. An Anglophone is Coming to Dinner (2001)
  • Evelyne de la Chenelière. Bashir Lazhar (2002)
  • Claude, Nathalie and Lin Snelling (text by Nancy Huston) – Limbes/Limbo (2004)
  • Mouawad, Wajdi – Scorched (2005)
  • Varma, Rahul. Bhopal (2005)
  • Evelyne de la Chenelière. Public disorder (2006)
  • Louise Dupré – Just Like Her (2006)
  • Lepage, Étienne – Howl Red (2008)
  • Choinière, Olivier. Bliss. Trad. Caryl Churchill (2010)
  • Berthiaume, Sarah – Yukonstyle (2010)
  • Bouchard, Michel-Marc. Christina, The Girl King (2011)
  • Soutar, Annabel – Sexy béton (2011)
  • Kemeid, Olivier – Me in the Century’s Red Ruins (2013)

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